Classic Sheet Carbo 200 carbon vellen in een doos

69,00 (ex btw)

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200 carbon vellen in een box   voor 69,00 dat is nog geen 35 cent per vel !

te gebruiken met je eigen voorkeur papier


To the artist who wants complete control over the stencil, we introduce Spirit™ Tattoo Carbon. Spirit™ Tattoo Carbon is everything you love about our Freehand Transfer Paper without any extras; just simple sheets of paper coated with our highest quality Freehand waxes and dyes. No transfer paper, no slip sheets, and no backing paper to get in the way. This is DIY -tattooing at its finest, allowing you to save money and be completely involved in every step of the tattooing process. Spirit™ Tattoo Carbon is not compatible with thermal or fax style printers, and should only be used by hand.

Product History In 1923, the spirit duplicating machine was invented. It used methanol to transfer ink from a spirit master to a sheet of paper. The machine was called a “ditto machine”, and the spirit master a “ditto master.” Rival technology of the time were mimeo and hecto processes. Both technologies have disappeared but the names live on and are often applied to the spirit process. In Europe, “Hecto” or “Hectograph” is the common name for spirit duplicating masters. The term “Dittos” is used in the United States. ReproFX Spirit units are free of lead and other heavy metal contamination and safe for application to the skin.



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